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Kores of The Cyclades Necklace - The Sand Collection

Kores of The Cyclades Necklace - The Sand Collection

120,00 €Price

Our signature ceramic artwork necklace "Kores of the Cyclades" with glaze like sand!


Gold-plated silver 925 chain.



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    The Kores of the Cyclades is inspired by the violin-shaped figurines of the Early Cycladic Period I (3200 - 2800 BC) which were actually an abstract depiction of the female form.


    The "Kores" (women) are all together forming a circle, just like the Cycladic islands do, thus creating a bond of togetherness, bringing us closer to one another, in the same way that the circle dances still bring us together in the Cycladic Fests/Panigyria.

    Gold-plated silver 925 chain.


    Each piece is unique and will vary from the pictures since the pieces of clay vary slightly in color, pattern, and size.


    If this is a gift, please mention it at the Checkout page in the "Add a Note" section.

    Please mention the Name of your friend and your Message, and KYRKI will include a handwritten card!

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