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Ioanna has been creating things with her hands since she was a little girl.

You could find her playing with a piece of wood, painting wine corks, always making something out of nothing.

Growing up, she studied economics and pursued a career in large and smaller companies, always wishing she had the courage to be making things for a living.

In 2017 she finally found that courage and Kyrki Handicrafts was born, allowing her the freedom to put her heart and soul into creating elegant items with a story behind them.

Why Kyrki?

Kyrki signifies "transformation" in Homer's Odyssey and is also the first part of Ioanna's surname (Kyriakakis). Transforming and up-cycling is what the Kyrki brand aims to do, combining this with influences from ancient history, the powerful simplicity of simple, almost primal, lines and the elegance of the Aegean Islands.

Commitment to the environment

Always looking out for the best raw materials, she always seeks to work with fair-trade and/or organic suppliers who value and appreciate environmentally-friendly practices.

The Dream

If you asked her, her lifelong dream would be to have a 365-days summer (sorry Ioanna...), living on some Cycladic island. Since this is not (at the moment...) possible, she, instead, tries to bring that feeling of the Aegean breeze and never ending summer to her creations.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy!

The Kyrki Team

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